Santorini Airport sits in the southeast part of the island around a 6 kilometer drive or journey into Fira town.

Thankfully, several handy ground transportation options efficiently connect visitors to the capital center.

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Taking a taxi offers tourists the fastest route from Santorini Airport open daily from early morning until after midnight flights finish the last arrivals.

The drive by standard yellow cab lasts roughly 10 minutes covering the airport access roads into central Fira town and the taxi stand centrally located near the main bus terminal.

Estimated taxi fares run €15 or less depending on traffic. Groups of four could share ride costs.

Keep printed hotel addresses available for direct dropoff ride services.

Airport Shuttle Bus

Santorini’s public airport shuttle bus provides travelers an affordable transfer into Fira, especially on solo trips where solo cab rides are rather expensive.

Shuttle buses pick up passengers outside the domestic arrivals terminal for efficient shared trips dropping off at the main Fira terminal near the town’s central taxi hub.

The full public shuttle ride takes around 30 minutes depending on hotel drop-offs and passenger numbers shared among stops around the capital.

Bus tickets run only a few Euros. You’ll pay for your ride as you board the bus. Cash only. Schedules align with flight load peaks.

Local Bus

Riders comfortable with a longer journey through neighborhoods and villages lying between Santorini Airport and Fira could take the local island bus network out instead.

Blue-colored local route KTEL buses heading towards Fira center pick up travelers right outside the recent arrivals exit.

After potential intermediate village or town stops, terminal stations in both Fira and Oia serve local route terminuses across the island.

Note travel times clutter around one hour in total depending on specific connections. Fares are in the €2 range. Cash only.

Best Way To Get from Fira to the Airport

Heading from Fira to the airport to catch your flight can be challenging.

There are so many people visiting this small Greek island, that you can easily find yourself without a drive to the airport.

Pre-book a private transfer to be on the safe side. Even better, keep an eye on the bus schedule; should anything occur to your pre-booked driver, ensure you have enough time to catch the bus to the airport.

Before you go:

If you have a flying dress photoshoot scheduled, you may want to check whether you have airport pick-up included.