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Santorini isn’t renowned for its beaches, yet it can be the perfect spot for a relaxing beach holiday.

Perissa Beach is the place to be if you want to swim, sunbathe, sleep, eat and repeat.

The beaches of Perissa and Perivolos provide the quintessential island beach experience with dark volcanic sands kissing bright blue Aegean waters.

Located along Santorini’s southeast coast, its vibrant beach town scene offers both tranquility and lively bars to suit travelers seeking relaxation or nightlife vibes.

perissa beach montain

Perissa beach is separated from Kamari beach by Mesa Vouno, the mountain that hosts Ancient Thera on top of it

Location of Perissa Beach

Perissa Beach stretches over 4 kilometers down Santorini’s rugged southeast coast about a 15 minute drive from the island capital, Fira. It sits just south of impressive Mesa Vouno mountain rising high above the black sand dotted with beach umbrellas.

This long stripe of black sand comprises two beaches: Perissa, just by the foot of Mesa Vouno, and Perivolos, stretching alongside the beach promenade for 1.5 km or so.

perissa beach trees

There is some natural shadow on Perissa beach

How To Get to Perissa Beach

Several transportation options easily connect visitors to laidback Perissa from various Santorini locales.

From Fira

Local buses run regularly from the Fira public bus station taking about 30 minutes along scenic coastal routes dropping visitors at the Perissa bus terminus. Taxis and rental cars provide faster private transport of 15-20 minutes duration.

From Oia

Visitors starting in far flung Oia can take local buses or arrange taxis to Fira first, followed by a bus change or second taxi ride to Perissa. Total journey time runs about 1 hour. Rental cars make the drive from Oia to Perissa faster at only 35 minutes duration.

From Santorini Airport

Taxis offer the fastest connections from Santorini Airport to Perissa at only 20 minutes travel time. Alternatively, take the local bus from the airport to Fira, followed by a second bus out to the beach. Total public transit duration runs around 1 hour depending on connections.

Accommodations in Perissa

With its laidback vibes and stretch of sea-front bars and tavernas, Perissa offers many accommodation choices across various budgets. The region near the beach provides smaller boutique hotels, rental apartments and budget-friendly hostels in an ideal location. Luxury seekers can consider the five-star hotels set slightly inland featuring opulent pools and restaurants with caldera views nearby.

perissa beach black sand

Beach time in October

Best Time to Visit Perissa Beach

The length of beach season runs from mid-April until October when businesses reopen for the new season. July through September sees peak crowds and prices during summer holiday season. May-June or September-October provide a better balance with decent weather and fewer tourists.

Dining in Perissa

Of Perissa’s sprawling restaurant offerings, visitors will find plenty of local Greek cuisine right alongside almost any international flavors. Pick a table at a rustic beachside taverna for fresh Greek salads and grilled seafood. At night, visitors flock to the area’s casual bars perfect for drinking cold cocktails and soaking in beachfront sunsets beside the iconic Mesa Vouno peak.

perissa church mermaid

Perissa, the place where churches and mermaids go well together

Nearby Attractions

Perissa provides the ultimate homebase location to explore Santorini’s southeast attractions like the Ancient Thira ruins sitting high above town.

Venture to coastal Vlychada village or drive the winery loop through Megalochori village inland.

Visitors can also hike various sections of the route traversing the rocky landscape of nearby Mesa Vouno crossed with ancient footpaths linking ancient Thera to points across Santorini.

perissa village hills

The village of Perissa by the foot of Mesa Vouno mountain

With relaxation or exploration close at hand, Perissa Beach offers the complete package for an unforgettable sunny escape on the magical island of Santorini.